Dress Code:

Pre Ballet: Leotard Pink Tights-Pink footed tights/convertible tights. Leotards with skirts attached are NOT allowed.

Ballet I & II Leotard Navy Blue Tights-Pink footed tights/convertible tights. Leotards with skirts attached are NOT allowed.                     

Ballet III : Leotard Black Tights-Pink footed tights/convertible tights. Leotards with skirts attached ARE allowed for pointe class only.

Ballroom: Women: tight fitted shirt or sweater, skirt, or leggings, slight heel in strapped shoes preferably ballroom/latin shoe 

Men: tight fitted button down shirt or sweater, dress pants, dress shoe with a slight heel preferably ballroom/latin shoe

Undergarments-no undergarments should be worn under leotards and tights. Ladies' tights serve as underwear beneath their leotards (be sure to buy dance tights which have a cotton crotch). Undergarments inhibit the ability to move and dance freely. 

Ballet shoes
-Pink ballet slippers with soft, pliable sole; elastic sewn on shoe prior to class (not tied and wrapped underneath); drawstrings cut and tucked into shoe (no bows on top of shoes). Ballet shoes can be canvas or leather.

Pointe shoes
-all pointe shoes must be reviewed and approved by School Director prior to sewing them or wearing them for class. Although pointe shoes are exciting for younger dancers, they can cause serious injury if one's ankles and feet are not ready for them. Please do not allow younger dancers to try on pointe shoes. Pointe work begins in the Intermediate level with permission and advisement of the School Director and a minimum age of nine.   

Hair-secured off face; a bun is required for all ballet levels for safety of eyes. 

Gentlemen-black or white ballet shoes, black tights, dance belt, solid white t-shirt (no writing or designs), hair neat and secured off face if long. 

-Form-fitting warm-ups (tight solid-colored ballet sweaters, leg warmers, ballet skirts) are permitted only at the discretion of each teacher.

-Absolutely NO watches, bracelets, or necklaces. Small stud earrings are okay, no large earrings. Absolutely NO sweatshirts, sweatpants, over sized shirts, or loose fitting clothing.

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